Anahita Spa by Thémaé Paris

Immediately step into a calm and relaxing atmosphere at the beautiful Anahita spa and make the most of exquisite treatments carefully executed by the experienced therapists.

A caring team

At reception, the warm smiles and the friendliness of the team quickly set you into a serene mood.

Following your choice of treatment with the help of the staff, you are taken to the changing room of this spacious spa. There, you may unwind in the hammam for a few moments, a great way to open your pores and for your skin to fully benefit from the products used.

The ultimate comfort

You are finally ready for your massage! In one of the spa’s 9 treatment rooms, let the soothing music and the comfortable massage table relax your mind before allowing the therapist to bring your body to relaxation.

The technique is precise and effective. Each and every area of tension is gradually released, helped with the unique tea-based products from the Thémaé Paris brand. Beyond this reference to the rich history of tea in Mauritius, these products have an essential characteristic, that of not being as greasy as oils typically used in other spas. A considerable advantage!

As the time goes by, your body further loosens up. After the 60- or 90-minutes massage, all your tensions will be lifted and you will be ready to take full advantage of the other relaxation areas of Anahita Golf and Spa Resort.

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