Anahita Beau Champ: a sustainable rural community

 David Martial, CEO: ” Today, our vision is to establish a community centered around the rural character of the site, and the principles of innovation, sustainability, and high quality of life.”
Fifteen years ago, Anahita was among the pioneers of luxury real estate in Mauritius. Today, the Anahita Mauritius destination expands and enriches itself with Anahita Beau Champ, in the form of an innovative Smart City that emphasizes sustainable development and rural character, while preserving the heritage of the site. David Martial, CEO of Anahita Mauritius, speaks to us about Anahita Beau Champ.

Tells us about this new project?

Anahita Beau Champ is the new flagship project of Alteo’s property cluster. It will be developed across 118 hectares of land located between the Grand Rivière Sud-Est, the village of Beau Champ and Anahita. For this new project, we have opted for the Smart City Scheme initiated by the Mauritian government, which ensures the land is allocated fairly between residential, commercial, service, and recreational areas.
Hence, it will offer a complementary living environment and experiences to the existing IRS estate, which has been one of the leading residential and tourist destination in Mauritius for the past fifteen years.

What is Alteo’s vision for Anahita Beau Champ?

We have placed the existing ecosystem at the heart of our project.
We have been working on this project with our development teams for over a year now to expand the Anahita destination. We are committed to provide a new offer that will enhance our destination and provide residents with a multitude of facilities to make living in the region even more convenient and pleasurable.
Today, our vision is to establish a community centered around the rural character of the site, and the principles of innovation, sustainability, and high quality of life.

What will be the highlights of Anahita Beau Champ?
The agriculture, the mature vegetation, the rivers and the lagoon will play a key role, including 5 hectares of land in a valley at the heart of the site, which will be dedicated to agricultural activities.
We are also planning numerous recreational and social spaces accessible to the public. Historical heritage will also be key components of the project. Several existing buildings will be rehabilitated, such as the old Deep River Beau Champ factory, an old stone molasses tank, which will be

converted into a café, restaurant and grocery store, as well a beautiful palm alley along the canal which will be the main pedestrian path linking the different areas and neighbourhoods of Anahita Beau Champ.
While Anahita Beau Champ certainly boasts a strong rural character, Alteo also seeks to offer a quality seaside experience with the development of a “boat and beach club” situated between the village of Grande Rivière Sud-Est and Anahita, which will provide access to the sea and the Île aux Cerf to the residents as well as to the public.

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