The combination of natural landscapes, year-round clement temperatures, rich cultural heritage, pristine beaches and islets to name a few, have established Mauritius as a paradise destination amid the Indian Ocean.

Most of the island’s coastline is protected by a stunning lagoon which attracts beach lovers, nautical activities enthusiasts and thrill seekers. On the east coast, Mauritius’ largest lagoon is an unmissable stop boasting historical sites and a rich flora and fauna  which will certainly be the highlight of your stay.

An array of beaches and water sports

Beach, boat, swim…repeat! As for water sports, there is something for every taste and budget. You can choose between paddle, kayak, snorkelling or scuba diving… One thing is sure, you will not get bored!

For those who are looking for a break, do not hesitate to take to the sea on a catamaran for a day’s visit. The iconic Île aux Cerfs, the Îlot Flamants and the Grande Rivière Sud Est are just waiting for you to moor.

Finally, for those who dream of a lunch by the sea, or if you just long for the calm of the fine sandy beaches and want to practice the art of farniente, the east coast will fulfill your desires.

Refresh in the clear waters of Trou d’Eau Douce, stroll on the sandy beach of Belle Mare, or taste delicious Mauritian specialities under the shade of the palm trees!

And if you feel like a long lunch, you will find delicious restaurants with flavours from all over the world close to the beaches. From China to Italy, India and Japan, not to mention the fresh seafood caught on the coast, you can expect an exceptional culinary journey.

Unique and historical places

Not only is Mauritius renowned for its wonderful tropical setting, it also has a rich history.
Having been the scene of numerous battles between the French and the British in 1810, the South-East part of the island is steeped in the vestiges of the past. The Île de la Passe, for example, where a French fort once stood to defend the entrance to the bay of Grand Port, was stormed by British frigates with the more global objective of conquering Mauritius!

Same goes for the Île au Phare, which is now a government nature park, but which was also the site of a Franco-British battle during the same year. It was the only French naval victory against the British and is therefore inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. A site which can be explored, as well as the Île de la Passe.

Valuable biodiversity and protected nature

Mauritius has an incredibly diverse flora and fauna offering a plethora of colours, which will amaze children and adults alike. The Île aux Aigrettes, one of the country’s natural treasures, is a perfect example. It has been and remains a sanctuary for Mauritius endemic species, where an environment conducive to their reproduction is maintained, thus avoiding their extinction. Thanks to various projects for the rehabilitation and protection of the island’s fauna and flora carried out by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, exclusive animals such as the white-eyed vireo or the giant Aldabra tortoise await you at Île aux Aigrettes! The plant nursery will also amaze you with its tropical plants visible only in Mauritius.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation also gives visitors the opportunity to participate in the preservation of the island by symbolically adopting one of the six endemic species present on the island. The donations received will be used to finance other projects of the association, such as the restoration of the Grande Montagne reserve in Rodrigues.

Blue Bay Marine Park is also a goldmine of biodiversity.

With 32 species of coral and over 72 species of tropical fish, this 1000-year-old coral cluster is a marine paradise full of colours and life.

You can visit these places by glass-bottom boat, or for the more adventurous, by swimming with the fishes!

You can also help preserve this incredible biodiversity by making a donation.

The East of Mauritius offers several activities as well as beautiful and sometimes even unusual places.

Its tropical charm will make you live an unforgettable experience, whether it is for a trip with your friends or a family or romantic getaway!

Of course, there are other activities available throughout the island. The rest of the country still has so much to offer, including waterfalls, temples, small local addresses and huge mountains…

So go ahead and explore!

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