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Anahita Beau Champ: an innovative real estate project

by Anahita Mauritius

How to expand the Anahita destination while proposing an innovative lifestyle concept? Alteo group’s property cluster strove to reach this objective as Anahita’s IRS phase is reaching completion. The new project, entitled Anahita Beau Champ, will be developed under the Mauritian government’s Smart City Scheme and has received the green light from the Economic Development Board (EDB) through the “Letter of Comfort”.

Fabien de Marassé Enouf, Alteo’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is eager to launch the project: “Our property teams have been working on the Anahita Beau Champ concept for months as a direct result of the Masterplan we have envisioned and developed over the past few years for our land in the East of the island. As one of the key players in this region, Alteo has an important role to play not only in its growth but also in preserving its authentic environment. Indeed, we ought to protect the unique character while proposing integrated developments which match with market’s trends but, most importantly, with our core values, including the respect of the biodiversity and the neighbouring communities.”

Patrice Legris, CEO of Alteo’s Property Cluster seconds this vision. “Anahita Beau Champ abides by a distinctive philosophy and its goal is to create a community whose leitmotifs are innovation, sustainability, efficiency and quality living. Hence, the existing ecosystem will be a core element of the project where agriculture, mature vegetation, rivers and lagoon will play an essential role along with productive landscapes as well as leisure and social spaces. We will also ensure that the architecture and the materials used for the properties will perfectly fit in the rural nature of the project, which will offer housing, jobs, schools, community services and leisure infrastructures to responds to the needs of the inhabitants.”

Anahita Beau Champ will be launched at the end of year 2022 and will stretch over 100 hectares including 50 dedicated to serviced land and residential units available to Mauritians, Mauritian residents and foreign investors. The remaining 50 hectares will be destined to commercial, leisure and service projects to complete the living experience. The inherent rural character will be a key differentiator as 5 hectares situated in the valley at the heart of the estate will be allocated to orchards, flowers and vegetable gardens. This area will be open to the public and will include footpaths as well as educational activities for residents and the public.

Our wish is to preserve the existing assets of the site being the natural environment and the historical buildings: the former molasse tank made of basalt rocks will be rehabilitated to host a café, a restaurant and possibly a delicatessen stocking locally grown produces. Moreover, a pedestrian alley running along old canals is set to become a central pathway for residents and visitors linking the Deep River Beau Champ old sugar factory to the verge of the Grande Rivière Sud-Est, through a 1,5-hectare green area with ancient camaron ponds. The sugar factory’s rehabilitation is also planned in the years to come. On the seaside, Alteo will develop a boat & beach club located between the Grande Rivière Sud-Est village and Anahita IRS to provide access to the lagoon and to Île aux Cerfs to Anahita Beau Champ’s residents and visitors alike.

Anahita will expand to 300 hectares on the island’s east coast thanks to this new development phase which will certainly reinforce the destination’s reputation for quality residential and hospitality experiences.

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