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5 reasons to live on a golf course!

by Anahita Mauritius

Picture yourself, waking up every day to unrivalled views of the sun-drenched manicured fairway, a few steps away from your garden… An exquisite scenario increasingly catching the interest of prospective property buyers who are choosing to invest in golf estates to experience a unique lifestyle. Whether you are a golfer or not, there are advantages for all, especially since most real estate developments are located on internationally renowned courses with high service and facility standards. In this article we present 5 reasons to take the plunge and enjoy this fantastic environment.

1. A beautifully manicured environment.

A golf course, requires meticulous daily maintenance, particularly when globally acclaimed and on the go-to list of international golfers. Avid and beginner golf players alike are indeed very exigent when it comes to the quality of the turf and the experience on their favourite course. Golf maintenance teams strive to ensure the best results which also benefit residents of golf estates who wake up to lush, manicured landscapes… A real feast for the eyes!

2. A secured setting

Similarly to classic residential estates, most golf estates offer a secured gated environment for a serene life. Comings and goings are strictly controlled at the security gate to prevent unwelcomed visitors from entering the premises but also to manage the traffic for the safety of pedestrians and children. Residents enjoy a peaceful setting where they feel protected and can rely on effective surveillance systems including cameras and guards.

3. Quality services on your doorstep

Living on an internationally renowned golf also implies high standards for services and facilities of the estate: swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and exclusive beaches for some…, Great dining experiences are also a must, as good (and bad) golf games are celebrated at the club house’s restaurant. A great way to end a day on the fairways! Non-golfers will certainly find their share of happiness choosing from an array of activities for kids, teens and adults. All those experiences contribute to the extraordinary lifestyle for the whole family.

4. A community of residents with common values

Upon acquiring a property on a golf course, you join likeminded people for whom community living values are essentials. Beyond the passion for the sport, where respect is essential, golf estate’s residents mostly share the same approach to human relationships and interactions. They appreciate their privacy as much as convivial moments with neighbours to create bonds and lifelong friendships.

5. Interesting resale prospects

Investing in a property located on a golf course certainly adds value in case of resale. Indeed, residential complexes on golf courses tend to be highly sought after, due to the attributes listed above! Even more so if the golf course is located in a tropical country, sunny all year round. So, why don’t you take the plunge?

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