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Anahita Beau Champ: a residential offer blending modernity and tradition

by Anahita Mauritius

Bérengère Croidieux, architect: “Our intention was to create living spaces that harmonise with the surrounding natural elements. ”
Anahita Beauchamp is firmly dedicated to incorporate sustainability as the essence of its developments. Bérengère Croidieux shares our vision of creating a residential offer that harmoniously blend with the estate’s authentic natural surroundings.

What was the primary inspiration behind the design of your villas and apartments?

The site has proven to be a rich source of inspiration in shaping the design of our villas and apartments, aiding us in establishing a distinct project identity. Our aim was to create a Mauritian rural architecture that seamlessly integrates into the existing landscape, complementing the site’s heritage assets, such as ruins, ancient ponds, and canals. We focused on crafting sleek, simple, and sustainable designs that enhance the quality of life and well-being, gradually blending into the surrounding vegetation.

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How have you incorporated traditional Mauritian architecture and elements into the design?
Throughout the design process, we pay homage to traditional Mauritian architecture, incorporating historic stone walls, pitched metal roofs with shingles or thatch, and spacious terraces. We thoughtfully utilise each plot’s garden, featuring a main garden with a view and a pool, along with a sheltered, more private one whenever possible. At times, we introduce patios and even outdoor bathrooms to enhance the living experience. Lastly, we’ve given meticulous attention to the kitchens, bathrooms, and various nuances of each residence.

How have you ensured that the accommodations offer both comfort and modern living amenities?
Our primary objective is to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, capitalising on the site’s breathtaking views. The choice of materials, including stone, wood, and metal, has been influenced by the nearby former sugar mill. Naturally, we ensured that the accommodations offer comfort and modern living amenities, all while being energy-efficient. We offer various property types, including apartments, penthouses, and four distinct villa designs, catering to diverse needs and fostering a vibrant community akin to a village. Regardless of property size or type, we prioritised the Mauritian way of life, evident through welcoming terraces and, above all, a focus on well-being.

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