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Jacky Durand, the new Ambassador of Anahita Golf Club!

by Anahita Mauritius

Former international cyclist, Jacky Durand, has been living in Mauritius for several years where he discovered a new passion: Golf. Switching bikes for golf clubs, the ex-holder of the Tour de France’s yellow jersey explains why he loves this game and what makes Anahita an exceptional place.

For how long have you been playing golf and what do you like about this sport?

I moved to Mauritius 8 years ago, but only started playing golf in 2017 thanks to friends who wanted to try it out. Thus, we started as a couple and despite a lot of reluctance at first, I was quickly thrilled by the game and able to enjoy the island’s magnificent courses.

Are there any similarities between cycling and golf?

For many years in France, I lived near a golf course without thinking that one day I would walk the fairways. In fact, my cycling career was not compatible with golf practice as although I cycled 30,000 km per year, I was strongly advised against walking and at times it was even forbidden for muscular reasons. They are completely different sports, but I must reckon the endurance I gained helps to play well at the end of the game while others snap at that point.

What does Anahita represents to you?

I discovered Anahita on TV during the European tour in 2018 and immediately wanted to play this course according to the pros’ approach.This is when I really understood that the level of finesse in the game is incredible. In my opinion, Anahita is the reference course on the island!

Do you have a favorite hole at Anahita?

The hole no 17 is my favorite one for two reasons. First, this par 3 is short (for once) and has a majestic panorama facing the sea! Also, I made par for the first time on this hole during a tournament which combined golf and gastronomy using only the putter for my three shots!

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